September 3, 2016


I have worked as a counsellor and therapist in schools and also as SEND coordinator and consultant. I have worked with primary and secondary schools in setting up mentoring, counselling, therapeutic and nurture support. I am particularly interested in a positive whole school ethos for emotional well-being and mental health, considering the needs of both staff and pupils. I have worked with schools to better understand and provide wrap-around services and to monitor the impact of provision.

I have worked closely with the Kidstime Foundation in setting up support for young carers and for creating a better understanding in schools of mental health and its impact on children and families. As both a therapist and teacher I am interested in seeing how therapeutic approaches can enhance schools’ delivery of well-being, personal development and achievement to both pupils and staff.

I offer training to teachers, TAs and other support staff in attachment theory and person-centred approaches. I am also interested in how we give pupils a voice in planning for their own needs and committed to the delivery of the principles and practice of the new Code of Practice. I believe that good practice for SEND is good practice for all.